As a doctor straight out of school, I thought I would open my practice, patients would flock to my door and I would cure them of their pain and suffering. Now, many years later, I am glad I am so much wiser. Because if I still used that definition as a measurement of my success, I would have been a complete failure.

You see, what I know now is NO doctor cures anyone. No medication cures anything. Only the power of the body can repair the damage done by structural misalignments, toxin exposure or nutritional neglect. What I can do as a doctor is remove pinched nerves, assist with detox and look for interferences to remove so the body can do what it is meant to do-heal and survive. Only though that can we find true health and thrive. That is my passion! This knowledge and experience is what my staff, my wife and I bring to our patients. Now, with the help of this blog and website, we will bring it to many more.

Lets be honest, we live in a world that moves fast. We are constantly bombarded with stimulation from our cellphones and computers. Work that use to stay at the office has now permanently followed us home and, although it is convenient, it is a nonstop steam if information and at times, headaches. It also gives us lots of information about health, but how do we know which information is best for us? Who has time to research? We do!

Our goal is going to simplify the information stream. Take the masses of information and studies available and break it down making it digestible and easy to implement into your everyday lives. Isn’t that what we really want…information that we can actually use that isn’t going to be so overwhelming? We will break down the studies, give amazing, healthy recipes and help slowly transform your life, habits and health.

So sit back and relax. If you are reading this you are already on your way to making good choices for you health. And here is your first assignment. Ready…

BREATHE! That’s it. Simple right. Now to be exact, take 10 deep breathes in a row holding each for 4 seconds and exhale fully. Do this 10 times a day. Why you ask? Deep breathing stimulate the lymphatic system. This breathing facilitates movement through the lymph creating a vacuum to push lymph fluid and toxins through the bloodstream.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t need to be complicated or include hours at the gym. It just requires thought, the right information and ACTION. One healthy action per day while avoiding what we know we shouldn’t do. That is our simple goal for you. We are hear to help you with all of that. We look forward to the journey together.

Yours In Good Health!