“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

– Thomas Edison

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Living Wellness - Kremer Family Chiropractic | Redding, CA
Living Wellness - Kremer Family Chiropractic | Redding, CA

Our mission

To empower and educate our patients on taking charge of their own health. To unlock the mystery of disease and empower individuals to live a healthy lifestyle through structural alignment, proper nutrition, diet variation and detox/weight loss options using the most current technology and research available.

Dr. Kremer and his team

Dr. Kremer and his team have multidisciplinary offices that aim to avoid the early onset of disease and to reverse the damage of earlier neglect. Beginning 25 years ago at the Red Bluff office, Dr. Kremer realized treating pain wasn’t changing the overall health of patients. More were relying on drugs and surgeries to maintain their lifestyles. Although drugs and surgery have their place, they are being taken as a first step to wellness rather than a last resort. At times the side effects of drugs and surgeries are more debilitating than the original diagnosis.

Living Wellness - Kremer Family Chiropractic | Redding, CA

Dr. Kremer knew there had to be a better way… and there is!

His multi-disciplinary offices educate and empower patients to choose treatment plans that suit their lifestyles and overall health goals.

a question to ask…

How is your health now and where do you want it to be in the future?

Ask yourself how important your health is and schedule an appointment now!

There is no reason to suffer quietly or lose hope. The body has amazing healing abilities if we get out of its own way.


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