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The Stem Cell Machine

Tissue Regeneration and Pain Reduction

Shock wave technology is acoustic wave technology in use today to break up kidney stones.
The technology employed in The Stem Cell Machine is patented in the U.S. and has shown strong regenerative effect on tissue including skin, bone and nerves.

FDA Cleared

The new Stem Cell Machine is FDA cleared for the activation of connective tissue and FDA registered for pain reduction and improved blood supply and is showing incredible success healing injuries without surgery or pain medications.

Why is The Stem Cell Machine Different?

In contrast to other treatments such as (stem) cell treatment or gene therapies the side-effects have been well studied for a long time in a huge number of patients. The result is that no ill effects occur.

In fact, shock waves are in daily clinical use for the treatment of numerous conditions especially in orthopedics and traumatology. These include tendinitis like tennis elbow or bone non-unions and wound healing disorders.

These are also clinical applications being tested for erectile dysfunction and ischemic heart disease as well as spine injuries.

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What are the Benefits of The Stem Cell Machine?

Reduce cellular inflammation    ●    Increase blood supply    ●    Stimulate stem cell activation
Reduce pain    ●    Regenerate nerves after injury

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