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What is Cellular Detox?

Cellular Detox works by improving cellular function so the body is able to detox and heal itself. Without detoxing the cell you will not fix the cell. Periodic detoxification is necessary for nearly every human being on the planet, but it must be done right to get results. Not every toxin is created equal and many ask which toxins are the worst.

The 3 Most Dangerous Toxins:

  • Glyphosate
  • Mold
  • Heavy Metals

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Cellular Detox and Chronic Disease

What if you are eating healthy, exercising regularly and taking supplements but still struggle with chronic conditions such as low energy, losing weight, headaches, joint pain, digestive problems, allergies, hormonal or thyroid imbalances, adrenal failure or other chronic body issues?

You are NOT alone!

You are among a growing number of Americans who are suffering from energy and weight loss resistance. This condition is being driven by neurotoxins that affect our brain, hormones, and ultimately our cells. It is a cellular problem that goes far beyond feeling tired or the inability to lose weight; neurotoxins are an “up-stream” cause of most chronic health conditions today.
You do not have a weight loss problem, you have a weight symptom problem.

Living Wellness - Kremer Family Chiropractic | Redding, CA


As always, It never costs anything to sit down with one of our Doctors and discuss your needs.

Dr. Kremer is currently working with some of the world’s leaders in Heavy Metal and Cellular Detoxification through The Health Centers of the Future, headed by Dr. Daniel Pompa. Our Cellular Detox Program is a result of their scientific breakthrough in pulling heavy metals out of the body reducing chronic inflammation so that the body can heal.

To help you find out how toxic you are by determining your Toxicity Score, download our multi-page Toxicity Questionnaire below. It covers all types of toxins you may have been exposed to during your life.

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How Toxic Are You?

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